Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The beginning

I am going out for lunch with a friend. I have been thinking of what all I would like to order to eat.

Life has been pretty easy. Yes some difficulties have cropped up from time to time. Some were a bit serious too. But nothing that is not in the past now. I have a comfortable existence at the moment and many things to look forward to. Family, friends and work is good too. So all in all nothing to complain.

Coming back to food. As I was wondering about venues and menus a thought struck me.

Why not eat something that's good for me instead of something that I really really want.

My instant reaction was, "Oh it is going to be the most tasteless thing on the menu."

Sorry for doing this but now back to what I was saying about life. Yes it has been good but does that mean I don't work towards any improvement. There must be castle rooms full of improvement that can be made to a life that seems pretty good at the moment. Every action of mine is a stroke of brush that completes the painting of my life. Shouldn't I work towards making it a beautiful one? A meaningful one?

Paintings remind me of art galleries and that reminds me of the wonderful restaurant called Samovar at the Jehangir Art Gallery. It is closed down. Had some of the most sumptuous meals there. Umm....which place should we go to? Something like Samovar but in Worli. Ummm....

Oh. I came back to food while talking about life. Let's get back to food.

This what happens every time I think about life. Thoughts of food, shoes, work, travel, books, clothes, monies, movies, music, people, parents, friends interrupt my serious pondering. These are just the pretty things. Sometimes illness, death, poverty, hunger, inequality, cruelty, absurd violence fill my brain too.

It leaves me very little time to think about life in general, especially mine.

All those things keep rushing back. They are an integral part of my daily doings.

If you really ask me I don't want to make my life a more meaningful one. I just want it to be an extremely efficient way of spending time on this planet before I have to leave. And my efficiency is counted in increasing the longevity of all things good in and around me.

That's all.